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About TS

TS Technology는 더욱 더 노력하여 보다 나은 고객 만족을 위하여 최선을 다하겠습니다


Company Overview

True Customer Impression Technological Innovation taking one step further Differentiated Service, Responsibility and Trust

TS Technology promises to be an enterprise that constantly
innovates technology, presents true customer satisfaction based
on responsibility and trust, and contributes to social development.

TS Technology is a company specialized in the production of automation equipment, mold products for semiconductors and
ultra-precision products, and micro-fabricated ceramic/plastic products. Since its foundation in 1988, TS has accumulated its glorious history and technical know-how as one of the members
of the world-leading semiconductor industry.
TS also strengthend the company's competitiveness and established a bridgehead for global advancement by branching out to Kaesong Korean Joint Industrial Complex and Suzhou City in China, and this allowed TS to expand its business domain to Display and Automotive industry.

TS Technology is not being complacent about its achivements but now challenging more precise and finer area by developing and producing micro-processed appliec material products (ceramics, plastics, etc.) through continuous challenges and investments.
TS will keep running for new industrial fields in line with the 4th industrial revolution era and achieving success.

TS Technology

  • Company name

    TS Technology Co., Ltd.

  • CEO

    Sung-suk Yoon

  • Establishment

    1988. 04. 01

  • Headquarters

    26-43, Dongtangongwon-ro 1-gil, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do (Dongtan New Town)

  • Overseas Sites

    Suzhou city in China, Kaesong Industrial District

  • Capital

    4.4 billion

  • Main Business Domain

    Precision Molds (Semiconductor, LED, Automotive Parts), Automation Equipment, micro-fabricated ceramic/plastic products


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