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About TS

TS Technology는 더욱 더 노력하여 보다 나은 고객 만족을 위하여 최선을 다하겠습니다




TS Mission

TS Technology has a mission to grow and sustain business with customers and society by continuously creating 'value' that contributes to customer impression, technological innovation, and social development.

  • Customer Impression

    Impressing customers by providing
    differentiated services based on
    responsibility and trust beyond
    customer's expectiaion and satisfaction
  • Technology Innovation

    Coninuous aspiration, challenge, and effort
    for technology development and innovation that can provide better value to customers and society
  • Social Value Prvision

    Contributing to the prosperity of customers through the development and supply of the best products and services, and furthermore, contributing to the flourishing and happiness of the world and humanity.

TS vision

The vision that TS dreams of by achieving TS Technology's mission is to become a company that customers trust the most, employees are proud of, and contributes to the world's advancement and human happiness.

  • To cutomers

    A trustworthy suppliery by Impressing customers with excellent quality and differentiated services
  • To Employees

    A workplace where employees can feel rewarded by receiving proper and fair treatment and pride that what they do with ownership and passion contributes to the success of customers
  • To Society

    An organization that provides products ultimately contribute to improving the quality of life and fulfills social responsibilities as a member of the community